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With cellular GSM Connectivity, a cut phone line doesn’t compromize the system.  Supports internet-based control and monitoring.

Other  companies charge extra to upgrade to cellular monitoring equipment. Our cellular equipment and monitoring is the same price or lower than ADT© charge for basic equipment with old telephone land line technology.  See our price for cellular alarm monitoring.

How cellular alarm monitoring & interactive monitoring services work

For burglars, it is incredibly easy to cut your phone line. For most houses, disconnecting a phone line is as easy as getting to your backyard. If your security system communicates over a basic telephone land line, cutting the phone land line cuts off all communication and the monitoring station will not be able to receive any signals. Cellular Monitoring Service eliminates this threat, because it is wireless and tamper proof.  Choose from GE® or Honeywell solutions.

Benefits of our Cellular Communication Platform

  • Dedicated Wireless Connectivity
  • Patented Crash & Smash Protection
  • Seamless Central Station Integration
  • Industry-First Wireless Two-Way Voice
  • Remote Control from any Internet-Enabled Device or Computer
  • Real-Time Notifications for Important Events Live Video and Recorded Clips On-Demand
  • Property Views with Breakthrough Image Sensor
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Lights, Locks and Thermostat

Get the Best Wireless Signaling Solution.’s dedicated wireless signaling delivers complete protection, even if the phone or Internet line is cut, the power goes out, or the control panel is damaged. The wireless radios, powered by the control panel’s backup battery, will continue to operate for 24 hours during a power outage. Also, unlike other systems, can detect a Crash & Smash event in progress and immediately alert the central station of the possible alarm event, even if the security control panel is destroyed.

Use Your Existing GE® & Honeywell security equipment

With our Cellular Monitoring Service we offer true flexibility for your home security monitoring service. There is no need for any type of home phone service or internet connection, because with cellular monitoring our GE® or Honeywell home security system will have a dedicated wireless connection between your home and our central monitoring facility.  When you select our Cellular Monitoring Service you will receive an upgraded GE® or Honeywell® command station with a built-in GSM cellular device.

There are a growing number of households that, for one reason or the other, are choosing not to install landline telephone service.  In the past, this would have made having a monitored security system impossible.  With our Cellular Monitoring Service you can have complete 24/7 security monitoring even if you don’t have land line telephone service.  Even if you have a phone line, we recommend using our Cellular Monitoring Service.