Most Highly Customer Reviewed Security Company in Colorado


In 2016 we celebrated our 20th year in business serving customers in the Colorado Front Range. During that time, we have installed more than 15,000 security systems in homes from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. We are headquartered in the Denver Metro area and are proud to have earned an A+ rating with the BBB during our first 20 years in business.

We are a local Colorado company with a focus on creating and maintaining customers that are extremely satisfied with our products and services. Perhaps, that is why we are the most highly customer reviewed security company in Colorado. We are fortunate to have received more 4 and 5 star customer reviews than any other Colorado home security company.

We average 4.5 to 5 stars on the top third party customer review websites. This achievement is extremely important for us so we can compete with the big national security companies. The top 3 national security companies that advertise in Colorado have customer reviews of only 1 star to 2.5 stars.

The big companies seem satisfied in spending Millions of dollars a year in advertising to attract new customers only to create unhappy customers.

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to serve so many great customers during our first twenty years and look forward to the next twenty.

Are You considering Xfinity Security for your home?

If you are considering Xfinity Security for your home, STOP and please read this blog.

The most widely accepted third party source for customer reviews is YELP.

Xfinity/Comcast has an overall customer review rate of 1 star out of 5.

Xfinity is a cable company. They do not have a single focus or the expertise to provide high quality home security. This is not my opinion, but the opinion of hundreds of customers who have signed up for Xfinity home security and experienced such poor customer service, poor installation and are locked into a contract with Xfinity for years.

You only need to Google “Xfinity reviews” to read and educate yourself before you make the same mistake as the hundreds of Xfinity customers who did not read the reviews first but made the buying decision without doing their research.

In today’s world, home security is more than a “nice to have” but is now a “must have”. Make sure you do your research and have your security system installed by a reputable and highly customer reviewed company. Make sure your home is actually secured using equipment that is reliable and 24/7 monitoring that is lightning fast (measured in seconds not minutes).

Why Should I Get A Monitored Smoke Detector?

Most homes have some sort of smoke alarms. They may have been installed by the builder of your home or added by you in the form of battery operated smoke alarms.

What a lot of people don’t know is that you can add smoke detectors to your home security system making you much safer. Including smoke detectors as part of your monitored home security system adds a level of protection that can only be attained by 24/7 monitoring.

Why you should consider including smoke detectors as an important part of your security plan.

The United States has one of the highest number of deaths from fire in the industrialized world. Fire kills approximately 3000 people in the United States every year. An additional 20,000 people are injured from a fire. And there are approximately 1.2 million structure fires every year in the United States. Continue reading…

Smart Home Security Systems


Today’s home security systems are smarter and offer more safety. Monitored home home security systems have been around for decades. However, the advancement in technology over the past 10 years has transformed home security into much more than just a burglar alarm system.

For decades, home security systems were essentially burglar alarms that were connected to plain old telephone lines and sent signals to a central monitoring station that dispatched the police or fire department.

Welcome to 2016. Today’s home security systems are safer, smarter and offer a vast array of products and services to offer more protection, make daily life simpler, and can actually save you time and money.
Continue reading…

Reliable Home Security On Fox News

Check us out on Fox31 Denver. Learn more about home security systems. Learn some tips to make your home more secure. Call today, get a free alarm quote! Continue reading…

Door To Door Deceptive home security sales tactics

It must be summer because security companies that use door to door selling tactics are out in force. We came across the following news story that unfortunately, seems to be occurring more and more. This kind of deceitful behavior will end up costing you lots of money if you fall victim to these cons.

These unscrupulous people will lie and tell you anything to get you to sign a new home security contract with them. You may not even know you did sign with another company, leaving you with two different contracts with two different companies. Continue reading…

Beware of Door To Door Security System Scams

The nicer weather starts the beginning of “Summer Programs” that many home security companies employ to generate door to door home security systems sales. The Summer Program consists of security companies hiring temporary workers that go door to door attempting to get inside to sell you a “free” security system.

These Summer Programs are used by some of the biggest security companies in the US. Unfortunately, these temporary workers are probably not security experts or completely informed on how systems should be designed and installed. Continue reading…

What Do We Think About Comcast Home Security

Xfinity (Comcast) is a cable and internet company.  Comcast Home Security very new to the home security market but already have generated plenty of reviews.  Please read them.  Not the ones they may post on their own website, instead search for the real customer complaints and customer reviews on line.

They are a cable company.   You have to pay for their internet service in order to get security from them.  Their monitoring and interactive services are broadband based with cellular as a backup.  That means when you lose your internet connection, for whatever reason, you won’t   be able to get certain services you pay for.  And who hasn’t needed to reboot a modem to get re-connected.  And, of course, your broadband service is delivered through a cable.  This can be cut and disabled easily by the people you are trying to keep out of your home. Continue reading…

What Do We Think About ADT

If you are looking for home security systems you will likely look at ADT. Unless, you already have been an ADT customer and realized what you received for your hard earned dollar. These folks are looking elsewhere. The reason you will look is because they are the biggest security company around. They spend millions and millions of dollars advertising their name to get you to look.

In addition to their own corporate offices around the country, they have an army of authorized dealers with thousands of salespeople out knocking on doors or using other selling techniques. So their name shows up a lot. Continue reading…

Beware of Door to Door Sales Scams During The Summer

It is that time of year again. Weather is getting nice and that brings out the army of people that some security alarm companies hire during the summer to knock on your door.

These companies send large numbers of teams out on the streets and go door-to-door getting as many homeowners to sign their long term monitoring contracts by promising all kinds of free equipment, free installation or free activation. Continue reading…