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Affordable home security that is easy to install, enabling lower cost monitoring with no contract

  • Easy to Program & Install
  • Choice of Easy to Use Apps
  • Secure Cellular Communication
  • Security Cameras & Video Solutions
  • A System that Moves and Grows with Your Heeds
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2GIG Rely Kit
rely panel placement on a desk or horizontal surface

Installation and setup are as simple as 1, 2, 3.

The console can be wall-mounted or placed on a counter or desk with the included desk mount.

  1. Plug in Security Panel to connect to the Monitoring Station.
  2. Download and install the App for installing each component of your system with video tutorials.
  3. Test your system to make sure it is set up properly.
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2GIG Rely Panel Arming

Easy to install, wireless and scalable

The Rely system is designed to be sleek in size to cover a variety of home types, keeping you safe when home or away.

  • Wall mounted or placed on a desk
  • Up to 16 sensors and 8 users
  • Built-in secure cellular communication
System Overview
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Mobile Apps

Add Cameras or Additional Sensors As Needed

Installation of the console is as simple as plugging in the panel,  which automatically syncs to the back-end and follow the simple installation wizard in the Smartlink+ App. Sensors will ship pre-learned.

Installation Steps
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