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How to Enable Z-Wave On The 2GIG Go Control Panel

For home control, the Control Panel’s built-in Z-Wave radio module allows controlling and monitoring various home automation devices such as lighting, locks, heating, and air conditioning. The Z-Wave
radio module can also activate Z-Wave remote alarm sirens.

Setup and control of Z-Wave devices is accessed by pressing the SERVICES button and using the Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen. This screen displays buttons for controlling various Z-Wave devices and a button to access the Z-Wave toolbox.

2GIG GO Control Panel screen with Services Button

Z-Wave setup is performed using the Toolbox. Access the Toolbox using the following steps:

  1. From the Manage Z-Wave Devices Screen, press the TOOLBOX button.
  2. Enter the Master User Code. If enabled, only the Master User Code (or the Installer Code) can be used to access the Z-Wave Toolbox.

2GIG GO Control screen with toolbox button


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