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Reliable Home Security reviewed by Chris W.

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Pre-Wired Home Security System

Chris W. Denver, CO

We searched and got quotes from many big brand security brands and came across Reliable Home Security…And I’m glad we did. We purchased a new home which had a pre-wired home system in it. We called and scheduled Matt to come out and install the 3 panels, the automated locking front door, and garage door automation for both our garages.

The install took a good part of the day, only because we had so much to put into the house. The only issue we ran into during the whole install was that the garage automation wasn’t connecting to our router (Apple Extreme). The solution was we needed a non-apple router for the garage automation hub. Matt said he would look into the issue with the Apple product, but I should purchase another router to see if that worked. If it did, call him and he would walk me through setting the garage automation up.

Flash forward about a week, we bought the router and it connected to the garage hub. However, the signals were having issues (We have two garage doors). We couldn’t trouble shoot the issue via phone so Matt came out a few days later and fixed the problem.

Overall, the experience with this has been one of the best considering the amount of technology our home now has. Matt spent time showing us how each piece of equipment worked, but most importantly, Matt and Reliable are there to take calls and answer questions and ensure their work is complete. I’m very happy we chose a local company with great customer service. I highly suggest Reliable Home Security. Their prices and monitoring are competitive and the only reason the don’t rank higher on websites that rank home security companies is ONLY because they haven’t been around very long. That’s it. However, the monitoring company they use has been around and is one of the best. So definitely give them a call.

Date: March, 25, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp