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Reliable Home Security reviewed by Kurt M.

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I have Been Very Impressed

Approximately 8 months ago we began an exhaustive evaluation of alarm service providers and installers. After much due diligence and comparison of various programs, equipment, and services, we elected to have our installation performed by Reliable Home Security.

This selection was based on two primary factors: cost and the quality and professionalism of the employees. Reliable Home Security, while offering state of the art equipment, offered a huge cost advantage. Their package of equipment was larger and offered at a much more competitive price. Additionally, because equipment is nearly identical from all vendors, it is truly the size and scope of the equipment package that you should consider. Our package is a Honeywell wireless system with touchpad alarm center. Since its installation 8 months ago, it has worked flawlessly.

More important than money, however was the professionalism and quality of the employees. After having requested quotes from nearly a half-dozen other alram companies (including all of the national-majors), I had become sadly accustomed to the “scare tactics” that their sales agents employ. When I wasn’t willing to commit to a contract with these other companies, I was told quite directly that I didn’t value my family, and that I was putting them in harms way. Those tactics were disgusting, disgraceful, and ensured that I would never purchase an alarm from those unscrupulous companies.

After these experiences, I expected that Reliable Home Security would be no different. I was exceptionally surprised. The sales agent took the time to understand my situation (reason for the alarm, equipment needs, etc) and never once adopted high pressure sales tactics in an attempt to convince me that I needed more equipment or services. He was respectful, considerate, and seemed genuinely interested in helping me obtain the equipment and services that best fit my circumstances.

From that point forward, everything has gone exceedingly well. From installation (it’s a breeze), to contract completion, to formal activation, I have been very impressed.

As you can see, this length and passion with which I write this review is indicative of the value I assign to Reliable Home Security. Truly a gem in a field occupied by many competitors with less-than-desirable sale tactics.

Date: December, 28, 2014 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp