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Reliable Home Security reviewed by K. F.

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Very professional, very affordable.

Very professional, very affordable. From the first phone call we made to Reliable Home Security to get pricing options, to the installation experience itself, this business has shown the utmost in professionalism and courtesy.

Matt set up our installation, and dealt with my barrage of a thousand questions very patiently. He worked to understand the layout of our house and explained in detail the neat technology that this company has for home security. He was very friendly and responsive, and wrote up three different installation proposals for me, showing me what features I could get for various installation costs. The installation package we chose was so much more affordable than what I’d imagined it would be for the features provided, and the installed system is very easy to use and gives us the security we want. It is easily upgradable should we choose to include more awesome ninja features in the future.

Colin did our installation. He was very respectful of the appointment time we were given, and checked in with both my husband and I well in advance of our appointment window. Once again, I was so impressed by both the professionalism and friendliness of this RHS team member. There were many little things: removing his shoes when entering, being patient and kind as I entertained my rambunctious toddlers while he was trying to explain important contracts and payment options to me, installing the touchscreen console in a place that was both aesthetically pleasant and ergonomic for us. There were the big things: carefully installing sensors, testing the system, coordinating with the monitoring company, demonstrating how to use the system and the linked mobile app, and answering my bajillion more questions with a smile. And on all levels, the installation experience that Colin provided exemplified quality and care.

This company’s staff gets customer service right, and they get it right consistently. We would, and will, recommend them to friends and family seeking home security.

Date: May, 22, 2015 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp