Alarm Monitoring From $29.99/mo

Understanding home security systems value, cost and the competition

There has never been a better time to install a home security system.   Advancement in home security system technology has produced feature rich systems, while driving the cost down.

When researching which Denver, Colorado security company is best for you, consider the following factors in your buying decision:

Home Security Value

Make sure you get the most security equipment and protection for the least amount of money.

Professional Installation

Does the cost include professional installation? With the advancement of wireless equipment, several companies have appeared offering security with do-it-yourself installation. Self-installing a security system is not for everyone.  If buying from a national company make sure they at least have a local Denver metro or front range Colorado office with local service technicians.


What communication technology will you choose to connect your security system with the central monitoring center? In the past, all systems used regular old telephone lines to communicate. Today, a lot of people are discontinuing their old telephone line in favor of cell phones or digital telephone service over the internet.  Telephone lines, and even internet service, is delivered to your home using hard wire connections that are vulnerable to being cut. Using the internet to monitor your security system maybe a good solution for you, but remember, if your modem or service goes down, it means you won’t be monitored.  Using a cellular communicator is a great and affordable solution. Always on, no lines to cut, easy to install. Some security companies offer cellular monitoring for the same cost that others charge for old telephone line monitoring. Shop around. You don’t have to pay $45, $50 or more a month for cellular monitoring.

Home Insurance Discounts

Take full advantage of homeowner’s insurance premium discounts that are offered by most insurance companies for homeowners installing monitored security systems. You might also find additional discounts for using cellular monitoring. Insurance companies are recognizing that cellular monitoring is the most secure monitoring method, driving them to offer bigger discounts for you.  You could save hundreds of dollars a year by reducing your insurance premiums just by installing a monitored security system using cellular monitoring. Check with your insurance company because discounts will vary over the Denver metro area.

The Bottom Line

  1. If you commit to a 36-month monitoring agreement, most reputable companies will offer basic systems for as little as $99.
  2. SHOP AROUND. You will find offers that consist of just 3 security devices all the way up to 11 security devices for just $99.00 in up-front cost.
  3.  The cost of monthly monitoring rates are all over the board. Be careful and shop around. You are about to make a long-term commitment. Make sure you get the most value in monitoring service for your dollar. You will find monthly rates that differ as much as $15-$20 per month for a similar product and level of service. A good rule of thumb is that you don’t have to spend more than $30.00 a month for traditional telephone line monitoring or more than $40.00 a month for cellular monitoring, including interactive features. Do your homework.
  4. Unless you are really technically inclined and have extra time to spend trying to self-install your system, have it professionally installed. If you shop around, you can find great equipment offers and lower monthly monitoring rates that include quality professional installation in the Denver Metro and Colorado Front Range area.

Professional installation should include finding the most effective placement and mounting of your security devices, the proper location of your security system panel and keypad(s), hiding all wires and testing the communication signal strength and connectivity. And finally, a thorough in-person walk-through with a skilled technician showing you how to use your system to get the most benefit and use of your new system.


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*Information used for home security  systems comparisons was obtained March 2014 through telephone and online research. Alarm installation & monitoring is based on fees for similar home security equipment packages.