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What Do We Think About Comcast Home Security

Xfinity (Comcast) is a cable and internet company.  Comcast Home Security very new to the home security market but already have generated plenty of reviews.  Please read them.  Not the ones they may post on their own website, instead search for the real customer complaints and customer reviews on line.

They are a cable company.   You have to pay for their internet service in order to get security from them.  Their monitoring and interactive services are broadband based with cellular as a backup.  That means when you lose your internet connection, for whatever reason, you won’t   be able to get certain services you pay for.  And who hasn’t needed to reboot a modem to get re-connected.  And, of course, your broadband service is delivered through a cable.  This can be cut and disabled easily by the people you are trying to keep out of your home.

The equipment and monitoring technology our company uses is cellular as a primary means to communicate, not broadband.  This means that you have the safest method of monitoring your home (always on and no Cables to cut).  Because cellular is always on, you will never lose the ability to remotely access your security system or receive vital messaging you may have programmed to receive.

Our mission is to provide the correct level of protection, use the best technology available and honestly provide real value.

Xfinity Home (Comcast Home Security) is another very large corporation spending millions of dollars to get their name in front of you.  Most everyone has probably seen at least one of their TV commercials.  Actually, I think the Xfinity Home commercials do a pretty good job of showing what current technology can do.

Our company uses better, award winning technology that can do everything you may see in their commercial and a lot more that is included in our security/home control panel.  One of the features built into our system is “geo tracking”.  When you download our free app on your smart phone, your phone automatically communicates with your security/home control system.  You have the ability to receive a text message if you have left your home and are for example a mile away and you forgot to arm your security system.  And if you wish, you can remotely access your home system from your phone and arm the security.

This technology is included in every system we install, including our most popular 10 security alarm sensor package that is professionally installed for $99.

The bottom line;  please do a lot of comparison shopping and research what customers are saying before you decide to commit 3 years or more to Xfinity Home (Comcast).


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