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What Do We Think About Vivint Home Security

Another national company you will see advertised is Vivint.  The equipment they install is very good.  In fact, it is the same equipment we install:

Home Security System Devices: Control Panel, Exterior Camera, Glass Break Sensor, Mobile App
Reliable Home Security alarm equipment with Z-Wave enabled

However, Vivint’s pricing model is to offer a little more upfront but load up with very high monthly monitoring rates.  $50, $60 and $70 per month.   Their rates are even higher than ADT.  Do your research on this company.

Vivint uses selling practices that we believe gives the security industry a black eye.  They move large numbers of sales people around the country attacking neighborhoods with an army of “door knockers”.  In some cases using very hard sell tactics.  These door knockers may or may not be security experts or even employed more than a few months.  Their goal is quite simple; get as many homeowners as possible to sign their longer term contracts that have very high monthly rates and move on to the next house.

An article found on “Consumers Digest’s” own website reads:

The $69-per-month monitoring fee that Vivint charges for its least expensive Z-Wave-oriented system is twice as much as what you’d pay in monthly monitoring costs for comparable models that don’t have Z-Wave capability. That’s an extra $360 per year in monitoring costs. Consumers Digest’s

Vivint is currently advertising on their website a security system package that includes 4 security alarm devices with an upfront cost of $99 and $49.99 per month.

Our company installs the exact same equipment as Vivint but here are the differences.  Our comparable security system package includes 5 Security Alarm Sensors with an upfront cost of $99 and our monthly monitoring rate is $34.99.  This is an exact match comparison of interactive cellular monitoring features and brand name equipment.

The bottom line;  In the above cost comparison Vivint will cost you $540.00 more  over 36 months and install one less security alarm device than our package.

Please do yourself a favor and do a lot of comparison shopping and research what customers are saying before you decide to commit 3 to 5 years Vivint.

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*Information used for home security  systems comparisons was obtained March 2014 through telephone and online research. Alarm installation & monitoring is based on fees for similar home security equipment packages.