The 2GIG-PIR1-345 Passive Infrared Motion Detector is a wall-mounted unit with wide angle motion protection. When set
to High Sensitivity Mode, the PIR has a maximum range of 30 ft. deep x 50 ft. wide. The PIR is pet immune up to 55 lbs.

Motion detector alarm main features

  • The 2GIG motion detector has about thirty five feet range, or trap zone to be able to set up with it.
  • Motion sensor shoots out about a forty five-degree angle so installing them in corners would be ideal.
  • It comes with a fifty-five pound pet immunity. We do have motion detectors that are rated up to eighty pounds and as high as a hundred pounds for pet immunity, so depending on your different level of pet size we have an accommodation for all sorts

5 Responses to “Motion Detector Alarm Systems Features and Benefits”

  1. Nice video. Motion detectors are a great step toward having that extra security and having the pet immunity is something that home owners need to keep in mind if they have a dog or plan on getting one.

  2. Thanks for sharing, and I think that home security systems are great. But I’ve heard of a lot of people that once they get a security system then they start to get lazy and think that they don’t have to worry anymore. Although it’s true, it still helps to make sure that you lock all of your doors and windows at night.

  3. How can this theft be stopped? First, acknowledge the threat this poses to your customers. In difficult economic times, business are more likely to be victims of theft, and security is suddenly twice as important.


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