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Installing A Home Security System Is A Smart Decision. Make Sure You Are Also A “Smart Consumer”

There are many good reasons to install a home security system. One of the biggest concerns we all have is safety. We want to feel safe, especially when we are in our home. We install security systems to protect us from the outside world.

This leads me to today’s message of making sure you are a smart and safe consumer through the buying and installation process. Unfortunately, even the security industry has it’s share of unscrupulous and deceitful people attempting to take advantage of uninformed and vulnerable people.

Allowing door to door sales people into your home may seem like an easy way to buy, but could end up with disastrous results. There are many door to door sales people who are reputable professionals and there are many who are not. The same risks exist from telemarketers. They may not even be salespeople but criminals sizing you up as a potential victim.

So how do you know who is good and who isn’t? The simple answer is you don’t, until you do your own research. You should always be a smart consumer and check out everyone attempting to sell you something at your home. Do they have a local office? Do you know the company? Are they an accredited company with the local BBB?  Are you able to see satisfied customer reviews online before you buy?

The best buying decisions are made when you are in control of the situation. You need to research a company and their offers and compare them to other companies. This may be hard to do with a sales person at your door. Take your time, check them out and then get back to them with your decision. Tips to avoid door to door scammers

In 2010, there were 3433 complaints filed in the US with the BBB against Security Alarm Companies. 2010 BBB complaint report. The majority of security companies and their employees are reputable professionals, however, as you can see by the number of complaints filed, not everyone plays by the rules or delivers on what they promise.

The bottom line is to make sure you are an informed and smart consumer. Then make your decision and enjoy the “peace of mind” you will have with a quality security system.