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Smoke Detector

Why Should I Get A Monitored Smoke Detector?

Most homes have some sort of smoke alarms. They may have been installed by the builder of your home or added by you in the form of battery operated smoke alarms. What a lot of people don’t know is that you can add smoke detectors to your home security system making you much safer. Including […]

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Smart Home Security Systems

  Today’s home security systems are smarter and offer more safety. Monitored home home security systems have been around for decades. However, the advancement in technology over the past 10 years has transformed home security into much more than just a burglar alarm system. For decades, home security systems were essentially burglar alarms that were […]

Dissecting The Cost Of Monitored Home Security Systems

The mechanics of purchasing a monitored home security system generally fall into one of two payment options: First payment option is to pay out of pocket the full cost of the system’s equipment, installation, and other administrative fees. Depending on the size of security system you select, the cost will range between several hundred to […]

Technology Driven Home Security Systems

Today’s home security systems have seen an explosion of technology driven features that are now included at the same price some of the big names in residential security charge for older technology and old phone line monitoring. The best security platforms start with using a cellular connection to provide 24/7 monitoring protection. Cellular provides the […]

Shopping for a Home Security System

All of us are familiar with the controversy of what happens to small businesses when a new Walmart opens up in a town or city. Does it put the small businesses out of business? Sometimes…. Is it good for the local consumers with lower prices and potential new employees? Some say it’s good for that […]

How Secure is Your Home

Another informative infographic from Angie’s List explaining how burglars can tell if you’re home or not, the most common ways they break in and options for protecting your home and family.

How to prevent Burglary

Here is a very informative infographic from Ameriprise showing useful information regarding how to prevent burglary and avoid break-ins:

Telephone Line Alarm Monitoring Versus Cellular Alarm Monitoring

Telephone Line Alarm Monitoring Telephone line alarm monitoring basically means connecting your security system’s communicator to your existing telephone line and the alarm signals are sent to the central monitoring station using that phone line. Your telephone service could be the old standard telephone service (PSTN or POTS) or the newer VOIP or digital service […]

Home Security and The Need for Multiple Layers of Protection

Secure your home with multiple layers of protection Think of a home alarm system providing 3 lines of defense (home security). Outside your home Strategically place visible yard signs and decals on your doors and windows alerting would be criminals that your home has a monitored security system. This is your first line of defense. […]

Installing A Home Security System Is A Smart Decision. Make Sure You Are Also A “Smart Consumer”

The majority of home security system companies and their employees are reputable professionals, however, as you can see by the number of complaints filed, not everyone plays by the rules