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Reliable Home Security

747 Sheridan Blvd Unit 6C
Denver, Colorado 80214
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I have to say that I am a pleasantly pleased

First, I would like to say that I am NOT an employee of Reliable Home Security nor am I a friend or family member of any of the employees at Reliable Home Security. Now that we got that out the way, I have to say that I am a pleasantly pleased customer of Reliable Home Security. I look at reviews before I do business with any company and RHS got rave reviews. So I’m so glad my experience matched what the reviews said. The sales rep Matt was very informative, answered all my questions (I had a lot), and there was no pressure to buy. Andrew was very personable and understood what I wanted. I just got the system a few days ago, and hope I shouldn’t have to need it, but so far so good.

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Aurora, CO  - Read More On Google+

Date: February 09, 2015

 - Rating: 5/5 stars

A great example of a quality local company

I found Reliable Home Security here on Yelp and decided to purchase their security system for my home because of the great rating and reviews. I also researched a lot of other home security companies but, Reliable proved to offer the best quality for the best price.

Matt was the sales person I dealt with and he was always very pleasant and helpful without being overbearing, which I greatly appreciated. Adam installed our system and was very professional and patient. He was careful in setting up the system and was thorough in explaining how it works. It’s been a few days since our installation and so far we are very happy.

Thank you for being a great example of a quality, local company who offers a great product for a decent price without the hassle of a pushy sales pitch.

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Littleton, CO  - Read More On Yelp

Date: January 27, 2015

 - Rating: 5/5 stars

Security and peace of mind

My wife and I had our first home security system installed yesterday. I was impressed by how cheap and easy the whole process has been. I inquired online, Matt (Sales) reached out to me, walked more through their product offering, gave me a quote while I was on the phone. All in 15 minutes. $99 install, $40 per month. For security and peace of mind. I couldn’t say no. Adam (technician) came out 3 days later to install. He took about 30 minutes to install the system and another 30 minutes to walk us through the mobile and on-line applications, how the system works, how he uses it in his own home, etc.

I’ll be reaching out shortly to explore their other smart home capabilities.

I generally don’t give 5 stars, but I’m having a really hard time justifying anything less. I’ll provide an update in a few months if anything changes.

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Denver, CO  - Read More On Yelp

Date: January 24, 2015

 - Rating: 5/5 stars

The system has great features that we have never had before

Andrew and Kevin came to set up our security system and they did a great job!  Excellent customer service and very professional.  The system has great features that we have never had before.

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Broomfield, CO  - Read More On Yelp

Date: January 12, 2015

 - Rating: 5/5 stars

Quick install – and courteous installers

Quick install – and courteous installers. Spent the time to go over my questions and explain my new alarm system.


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Denver, CO  - Read More On Google+

Date: January 07, 2015

 - Rating: 5/5 stars

Highly recommend this company

They beat every other deal I had found. Andrew the technician was very knowledgeable, answered all my questions, and got the alarm installed right. Highly recommend this company.

Was so highly impressed I ordered additional components. Completely friendly, local owned company that should call now if you are looking to increase your security.

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Aurora, CO  - Read More On Yelp

Date: January 06, 2015

 - Rating: 5/5 stars

I have Been Very Impressed

Approximately 8 months ago we began an exhaustive evaluation of alarm service providers and installers. After much due diligence and comparison of various programs, equipment, and services, we elected to have our installation performed by Reliable Home Security.

This selection was based on two primary factors: cost and the quality and professionalism of the employees. Reliable Home Security, while offering state of the art equipment, offered a huge cost advantage. Their package of equipment was larger and offered at a much more competitive price. Additionally, because equipment is nearly identical from all vendors, it is truly the size and scope of the equipment package that you should consider. Our package is a Honeywell wireless system with touchpad alarm center. Since its installation 8 months ago, it has worked flawlessly.

More important than money, however was the professionalism and quality of the employees. After having requested quotes from nearly a half-dozen other alram companies (including all of the national-majors), I had become sadly accustomed to the “scare tactics” that their sales agents employ. When I wasn’t willing to commit to a contract with these other companies, I was told quite directly that I didn’t value my family, and that I was putting them in harms way. Those tactics were disgusting, disgraceful, and ensured that I would never purchase an alarm from those unscrupulous companies.

After these experiences, I expected that Reliable Home Security would be no different. I was exceptionally surprised. The sales agent took the time to understand my situation (reason for the alarm, equipment needs, etc) and never once adopted high pressure sales tactics in an attempt to convince me that I needed more equipment or services. He was respectful, considerate, and seemed genuinely interested in helping me obtain the equipment and services that best fit my circumstances.

From that point forward, everything has gone exceedingly well. From installation (it’s a breeze), to contract completion, to formal activation, I have been very impressed.

As you can see, this length and passion with which I write this review is indicative of the value I assign to Reliable Home Security. Truly a gem in a field occupied by many competitors with less-than-desirable sale tactics.

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Littleton, CO  - Read More On Yelp

Date: December 28, 2014

 - Rating: 5/5 stars

They were very professional

Reliable Home Security made the process very easy. Andrew P. did a great job setting up my system and teaching me to use it. They were very professional, I would recommend these guys to anyone.

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Denver, CO  - Read More On Yelp

Date: December 10, 2014

 - Rating: 5/5 stars

Our experience with Reliable was fantastic

Reliable provided a quote without coming to my home, which was somewhat concerning, but not overly. They were much less expensive than the other company we talked to and their monthly monitoring fee was $15 – $20 / month less. I dealt with Matt via telephone to get a quote via email, discuss the quote and schedule an installation.

The installation technician, Andrew, arrived to install the system. I noticed he drove a company vehicle with clear and professional branding on the car. He was on-time and professionally dressed in a company shirt and khakis. He wore throw-away shoe covers which was ideal because we have white carpet throughout the house. He explained the installation process and timeline, then went about his work. The installation took about three hours.

Toward the end of the installation we discussed adding a remote controlled door lock, which Andrew had in his vehicle. We added the unit and he installed it. When everything was installed, he stepped us through the use of the devices as well as the use of the Internet-based application to set-up and control the security, lock and thermostats. He also showed us the iPhone app to do the same.

After about 30 days we had a false alarm and noticed that one of the keypads locked-up during the event. We called Reliable and Andrew came back out in a few days to replace and test the panel. While he was here he answered our questions and showed us a few things on the on-line app.

Our experience with Reliable was fantastic. I will recommend Matt, Andrew and Reliable to all my friends and I would use them again in a heartbeat. If you are looking for a home security and/or automation system, look no further.

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Niwot, CO  - Read More On Angie's List

Date: December 03, 2014

 - Rating: 5/5 stars

What a great local company and excellent customer service

What a great local company and excellent customer service. I called and spoke with Matt – he took the time to really understand what I needed. Not only what I needed, but he recommended the right solutions. And, by solution I mean what I needed, not what cost the most money. The installation was scheduled within 1 week, and Adam came out to do the install. He was flawless. He was extremely careful in my home, courteous and professional. He explained everything he was doing, and we also did a thorough walk through of the house and discussed my expectations and requirements for home security. After the sensors, motion detectors, etc. were installed, he then spent quality time with me educating me on the main key pad, as well as setting up my computer and iPhone with access. This company is fantastic. Adam is the best. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

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Englewood, CO  - Read More On Yelp

Date: November 11, 2014

 - Rating: 5/5 stars