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Reliable Home Security Reviews

5 star reviews from 171 reviews.

  • Great company

    Great company and equipment. Best customer service.

    Date: September, 27, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Google
  • They’re as good as everyone say

    I decided to go with reliable based on reviews here and on Angie’s list. they’re as good as everyone says. thanks, reliable, and thanks to all of you for the helpful info!

    Date: August, 29, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp
  • Great customer service

    Cassie W. Aurora, CO

    I have like no words to describe the guys at Reliable Home Security. I am a first time homeowner, so the process of getting an alarm to protect my new asset was overwhelming… at first. I called several companies in the neighborhood and around town. I had several questions about price and how effective each system was as well as would the installation be fast or slow. I was also worried about if the instillation would damage the house in any way. SEVERAL companies just wanted to rush through and give me a bid over the phone. I felt rushed to get my money and not understand the service. I was so frustrated and had no idea where to turn… that was until I called Reliable Home security.

    I found them through a Google search… and I’m so glad I did. First I called. I didn’t have to wait on hold for forever. I got through and I reached the nice guys there. They were patiently answered all my questions and even scheduled to come to my home to make a bid. I was so surprised at the care they took to listen to me and gather all the info they needed. I was scared that would come with a HEAFTY Price tag. But I was surprised that the price was quoted was actually cheaper than the other companies I’d spoken with and hated.

    So GREAT customer service, prompt and informed answers to questions was the start to my experience with Reliable Home Security. Then came the time to do the home installation. They scheduled me and then they did it. No damage to my home. They were punctual and very communicative. Then they took time to teach me how to use the system and program everything with me. I am so glad I get to protect my home and ultimately my future and my home with Reliable Home Security. This glowing Yelp review doesn’t even come close to the thanks I owe them! Y’all are amazing! Totally pick Reliable Home Security for ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL your needs!

    Date: August, 26, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp
  • I have more home security

    Amazing group of professionals. I had been using a different security company and was very unhappy with the overall system, service and reliability. I was referred to Reliable Home Security by a friend. I just got my system installed today and just a few hours in I am already happier than I ever was with my old system. From the first conversation with Matt that did an amazing job explaining my options and providing me with a detailed email to review our phone conversation for if and when I was ready to proceed. Contacting him was so easy and his response time to any follow up questions was prompt and concise.

    The installation tech Colin did an incredible job removing all the old equipment and installing the new equipment. He provided me with a clear walk through of the whole system, app, and each of the pieces of equipment that required certain operation to ensure I was good to go before leaving.

    The customer experience has been great. Not only do I have more home security, I have it at a cheaper price and way more reliability and sense of security. Overall this has been a great experience and I am looking forward to entrusting my home security to Reliable Home Security.

    Date: July, 06, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Facebook
  • Very reasonable price for everything

    These guys are awesome! I had been using a different security company that I had become very unhappy with and was looking around for a new company to take my business to. After doing some research I decided to call Reliable Home Security mostly because they had a lot of positive reviews (like the one I am writing) and I am really glad I did.

    I spoke with Matt and explained what I was looking for and listed all the things I didn’t like about my previous security provider. He was very understanding and walked me through all the reasons why his company was different which put all my reservations to rest. We then walked through the system that I currently had and how I wanted to add a few upgrades. He gave me a very reasonable price for everything I wanted to do and at no time did I feel like I was being ‘sold’ to. By the end of the conversation I felt like I could trust him, and by extension his company.

    Colin came a couple of days later to install the new control panel and all the new sensors I had ordered. He showed up on time, was very knowledgable, personable, and configured the system exactly to my liking. I am the type that likes to understand how things work and he let me look over his shoulder and took the time to explain how everything worked.

    I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I really feel like I am in good hands with these guys.

    Date: June, 27, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp
  • Highly recommended

    Patrick W. Longmont, CO

    Colin was fantastic. Highly recommend him and RHS.

    Date: June, 27, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp
  • Great experience and easy install

    Jeremy G. Denver, CO

    Great experience and easy install. The system itself is intuitive and the installer and customer support has been great.

    Date: June, 06, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp
  • Very glad we went with a local choice

    Jane T. Denver, CO

    Seriously pleased with Matt and Colin. I initially talked with Matt – he explained all the details, costs, and the contract. Colin just finished installing our service. He was incredibly thorough and patient. He took the time to explain everything and worked with me on the best solution for our house. I have nothing but praise for this company. So very glad we went with a local choice – they are outstanding.

    Date: May, 27, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp
  • Surveillance security system for your home

    If you have been thinking about getting a surveillance security system for your home – Reliable Home Security is great. Jim Brenner installed ours and we are so happy we had it done. We are so happy with the equipment (the pictures are so clear) and the quality of the installation. Jim was dependable and professional from start to finish and easy to work with. If you’re thinking about getting a surveillance security system for your home, don’t hesitate and call Reliable Home Security. You’ll be glad you did!

    Date: May, 18, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp
  • Thank you for creating peace of mind

    Vincent had hands down the best customer service, very informative and thorough. Reliable home security was one of the best decisions we made, having them install and explain the entire system. Thank you for creating peace of mind.

    Date: May, 06, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Facebook
  • 24 Hour CCTV Recording

    Jim has excellent customer service. We run a small, but very busy business from our home and wanted 24 hour CCTV recording. Jim consulted with us on the best type and location for the cameras. We scheduled the work and Jim was careful during the installation and did a great job of running the cables. He also explained the use and set-up for the software running the CCTV system. I would highly recommend using Reliable Home Security.

    Date: April, 27, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Google
  • User friendly control panel

    Carol B. Denver, CO

    Really glad I went with this security company. Matt called me within minutes after I requested a quote online. He was very thorough, answered all my questions, but wasn’t pushy at all. Collin came to my home to install the system within just a couple business days, and he was great too.

    Matt had given me an arrival window, and he called prior to that to let me know about when he expected to be there, and again later on to update me. He made sure I understood how everything worked, and I felt like he really customized my system to my home and my needs. Plus, he was very kind to my overly friendly Golden Retriever.

    I felt like Reliable was transparent about their charges, really no major surprises there, like I’ve had in the past with other security companies. And the technology they use seems to be top-notch, from the user-friendly control panel to the cell phone app.

    Date: April, 26, 2016 5/5 stars Read more on Yelp