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Beware of Door to Door Sales Scams During The Summer

It is that time of year again. Weather is getting nice and that brings out the army of people that some security alarm companies hire during the summer to knock on your door.

These companies send large numbers of teams out on the streets and go door-to-door getting as many homeowners to sign their long term monitoring contracts by promising all kinds of free equipment, free installation or free activation.

There is nothing “FREE” about signing a 4 or 5 year contract at $50.00 per month. You just spent $2,400 to $3,000 by signing their “free” contract. And if you don’t pay the monthly fees, these companies will turn you over to collections and attempt to ruin your good credit.

Reality will set in after you sign their contract when the installer does show up and you are told something completely different from what the salesperson told you. Keep in mind, these people may or may not be employees and are probably just part time for the summer. They are obviously not security experts and you won’t be able to find them if you need help.

A news story from a Madison, Wisconsin TV station reported “Security System Phone Scam Affects Wisconsin”. Here is the link

This reporting may be accurate and was really a scam to steal money but was not reported was the fact that many of these security companies using summer door knockers use this selling approach. The door knocker will advise you that if you allow their company to place a yard sign in your yard, you will “qualify” for a free system. Several years ago this approach was actually taught to ADT Authorized Dealers as a way to ”get in the door”.

Do yourself a favor and always do your homework before signing any contract by a door-to-door salesperson. After all there is nothing free about spending $2,000-$3,000.