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How to prevent Burglary

Here is a very informative infographic from Ameriprise showing useful information regarding how to prevent burglary and avoid break-ins:

Home Alarm Systems a Cost Effective Deterrent to Burglary

A 5 year study by Rutgers University in 2009, one of the most comprehensive studies ever done on home safety, conclusively proved that burglars are 40 to 50% less likely to attempt breaking into a home with a security system. The study found that these homes are noticeably less commonly broken into, and the burglars are less likely to go to any nearby homes either. In other words, your security system will keep you and your neighbors more secure. The security system creates a kind of security bubble that reduces the risk for everyone inside and nearby.

The National Burglar and Fire Association released a study in 2004 agreeing that a protected house is roughly three times safer than an unprotected house. This study agrees with the Rutgers research cited above.

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