Glass Break Detector

Each wireless glass break sensor is designed to detect the sound of breaking glass. It has an approximate range of 20 feet.  A single glass break sensor can be used in a single room with many windows on different walls.

A glass break sensor is a cost effective solution to protecting a larger area with multiple windows or glass doors. A perfect solution for rooms with large picture windows. Glass break sensors act more like door and window sensors because an intruder will be detected before actually entering the premise.

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The Glass Break Detector (2GIG-GB3-433) is a fully-supervised, tamper protected, ceiling- or wall-mounted unit. It communicates with the control panel using the 433 MHz frequency. It provides a 15 ft (4.6 m) maximum detection range, 360° maximum horizontal sensing angle, and dual-stage glass break detection.


  • Monitors for the sound of breaking glass
  • Two test LEDs
  • Dual shatter recognition technology
  • Lithium batteries with 5 years life
  • 360˚ range
  • Tamper protected
  • Fully supervised

Basic 24/7 alarm monitoring

Requires a land based telephone line.
from $ 24 99 /mo Included: Color touch screen panel, motion or glass break sensor, door/window sensors
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Cellular Interactive 24/7 monitoring

Remote access & control. Receive system events on your smartphone
from $ 34 99 /mo Remote access and control. Receive system events on your smartphone
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Home Automation & Video

Home Automation & Video. Control all system from your smartphone
from $ 39 99 /mo Add ons: Cameras + home automation devices. Control all system devices from your smartphone
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