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2GIG Panic Button Remote

by 2GIG

The Panic Button Remote (2GIG?PANIC1?345) is a compact, battery?powered, wireless panic button that transmits an Emergency signal from any location within radio frequency (RF) range of the control panel. The signal can be transmitted to the control panel, whether the security system is armed or disarmed. Users can mount the panic button in a convenient location in the wall or use one of these wearable options: lanyard, wristband, belt clip, and car?visor clip. It is completely water?resistant and also offers a five (5)?second button lockout.


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To be useful in duress situations, it is imperative that you maintain the battery in the panic button. To ensure proper functioning, it is recommended that end users and/or
qualified installation personnel check the battery for the panic button regularly, at least one or more times per year. Under typical conditions, the battery life is approximately two (2) years. When the battery is low, the control panel’s Home screen will display a trouble notification. To help to ensure that the panic button is available during a duress event, always replace the battery when the low battery notification first appears.

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