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Shopping for a Home Security System

All of us are familiar with the controversy of what happens to small businesses when a new Walmart opens up in a town or city. Does it put the small businesses out of business? Sometimes….

Is it good for the local consumers with lower prices and potential new employees? Some say it’s good for that local economy and some say it’s bad. No matter what side of the issue you may be on, poorly run businesses that don’t adapt and change to meet or beat current market conditions and consumer demands will go out of business.

In the home security industry we have a similar situation when consumers have to choose between the big corporations and the smaller local businesses. ADT is by far the largest security company, measured by number of customers.

ADT is a big brand name that spends millions and millions of dollars on advertising and sponsoring sporting events. Add to that the large corporate overhead staffed with layer upon layer of management and executives, and in addition, all the facilities needed for these folks to have an office. 

The point is, how do they pay for all of that.? Well, their source of income comes from the paying customer. On average, ADT’s monthly monitoring costs are 30-50% higher than the majority of other security companies. And the prices they charge for security equipment is extremely overpriced when compared to smaller security companies that can keep their overhead down and provide more equipment for less money.

Unlike the Walmart controversy, ADT is actually good for the home security market and consumer. ADT charges much higher prices than local competitors and certainly doesn’t provide better response time or customer service to deserve charging those higher prices. That leaves the door wide open for hard working smaller companies to compete with ADT and provide better products and service for much lower prices.

Consumers shopping for a home security system need to do their homework. It’s easy, just Google it. Don’t stop at the well produced TV commercials you see constantly by ADT; compare what they are actually offering at what price. Be a smart consumer. In home security the biggest is not the best and doesn’t come close to providing the best price. Take your time researching before signing a 3 year contract with ADT. By shopping around you will save hundreds of dollars and receive better service.

2 Responses to “Shopping for a Home Security System”

  1. Another great post! I 100% agree with what you have to say, consumers should never rush into committing to a contract with a big company without doing the proper research first.

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