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Beware of Door To Door Security System Scams

The nicer weather starts the beginning of “Summer Programs” that many home security companies employ to generate door to door home security systems sales. The Summer Program consists of security companies hiring temporary workers that go door to door attempting to get inside to sell you a “free” security system.

These Summer Programs are used by some of the biggest security companies in the US. Unfortunately, these temporary workers are probably not security experts or completely informed on how systems should be designed and installed.

And as the following video will show they may not be the kind of individual you want inside your home.

From a security position, it is never a good idea to let a stranger in your home no matter what company they claim to be associated with.  The event featured on the video above is an isolated case, but just shows you what could go wrong.

If you are interested in a home security system, do your own homework, research security companies in your area and read what real customers say about each company based on real customer reviews.

Beware of door to door security system scams and put yourself in a position to make informed decisions and not become a victim or taken advantage of by an unscrupulous individual.