Alarm Monitoring From $29.99/mo

What Do We Think About ADT

If you are looking for home security systems you will likely look at ADT. Unless, you already have been an ADT customer and realized what you received for your hard earned dollar. These folks are looking elsewhere. The reason you will look is because they are the biggest security company around. They spend millions and millions of dollars advertising their name to get you to look.

In addition to their own corporate offices around the country, they have an army of authorized dealers with thousands of salespeople out knocking on doors or using other selling techniques. So their name shows up a lot.

The first step you should take when looking at ADT is to go to the web and search for customer complaints, reviews, etc. There you will find what real people are saying about ADT and not some clever TV commercial. A large percentage of our new customers come from old ADT customers after their contracts expire.

ADT gives you a very small level of protection for $99 and their monthly rates are some of the highest in the industry. They have to charge you a lot. They have an enormous corporate structure that is very expensive. Layer upon layer of executives and management, large office facilities, sponsoring sporting events and millions of dollars in advertising. Who pays for all of this? Their customers!

Here are a couple of examples comparing ADT to our company. For $99 you may get 3 door sensors with an ADT home security system.

Our Company provides 9 door/window sensors for $99. ADT installs basic alarm panels that are security only. Every one of our alarm panels have security, a home automation platform and an easy to operate color touch screen.

Our mission is to provide the correct level of protection, use the best technology available and provide real value.

When it comes to comparing alarm monitoring, ADT is priced at the high end of the market. Let’s compare monitoring cost. ADT charges $34.99 or more monthly for using a telephone to connect your system to the monitoring center. Old technology. We provide state of the art cellular with full interactive features, like remote access and control for $34.99. A similar service from ADT is at least another $10 to $15 more a month on top of their $34.99 plan.

The bottom line; please do a lot of comparison shopping and research what customers are saying before you decide to commit 3 years or more to ADT.

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*Information used for home security  systems comparisons was obtained March 2014 through telephone and online research. Alarm installation & monitoring is based on fees for similar home security equipment packages.