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Securing All Accessible Openings

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Secure accessible door and window openings

The definition of “accessible” is any door or window that can be kicked in or pried open from ground level. This can include basement doors and windows and first floor doors and windows that can be reached easily from the ground. Occasionally, a second floor window maybe easily reached from some structural aid. This is very rare, because most criminals want to gain entry by locating the quickest and least visible door or window available.

Most residential doors are very easy to kick in, no tools required. Deadbolts, door locks, and most door jams will give way when moderate force is used. Most residential windows can be pried open with a small portable pry bar. Crank windows or casement windows are a different story. If a criminal decides to enter through a crank style window, they will break the glass out of the frame because it is difficult and noisy to pry open.

Protect sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are one of the easiest to open and because they are usually located in the back or side of the house, they are prime targets. Criminals do not want to be noticed from the street by your neighbors.

Protect garage entry

Another prime entry target is from your garage. If the criminal can gain entry into your garage and are then hidden from the outside, they can kick in the house door from your garage without being noticed. Overhead garage doors, outside doors to your garage or any window large enough to open and get into your garage should have a security sensor installed.

Protect room windows

You may have a room in your house with lots of glass, doors or windows, and are concerned about a criminal breaking out the glass to gain entry. A glass break sensor maybe the ideal single device for that room. A glass break is a device installed inside, on the ceiling or wall of a room that has line of sight to each door or window you want protected. The range of a glass break is approximately 25 feet.

The glass break sensor performs just as it’s name implies. It is activated by the sound of breaking glass. That is why we consider a glass break sensor a part of the perimeter protection system. You want to be alarmed when a criminal is attempting to break in, before they get in, not after.

Conduct a walk around analysis

The best way to decide how many doors and windows are potential targets is to conduct your own walk around analysis. One of the prime benefits of installing a home security system is “peace of mind”. Therefore, as you look at your doors and windows and are worried that someone could get into your home using that opening, then plan on a adding a security sensor to it. Your goal is to believe you have secured every possible way that someone could break into your home, peace of mind”.

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  1. A lot of good information and ideas in this blog the glass break detector is a fantastic concept in particular. A small thing you can do, which whilst not completely deterring them but still helps, is to keep valuable objects away from the line of sight through the window.