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Smart Home Security Systems


Today’s home security systems are smarter and offer more safety. Monitored home home security systems have been around for decades. However, the advancement in technology over the past 10 years has transformed home security into much more than just a burglar alarm system.

For decades, home security systems were essentially burglar alarms that were connected to plain old telephone lines and sent signals to a central monitoring station that dispatched the police or fire department.

Welcome to 2016. Today’s home security systems are safer, smarter and offer a vast array of products and services to offer more protection, make daily life simpler, and can actually save you time and money.


Today’s systems don’t rely on old telephone lines for communication. Instead, the safest systems communicate using wireless cellular technology. This is important because there are no wires to cut. The communication is always on. Safer because you now have the ability to remotely control and see what is happening at your home.

Get a reminder if you forgot to arm your system. Get a reminder if you forgot to lock your door or left the garage door open.

View live video on your smartphone from inside or outside your home. Receive video alerts when your kids get home from school. Check in on your pets or babysitter. Retrieve recorded video clips from an event triggered moment.


Today’s home security systems have evolved to include the ability to include:


Door Locks. Add door locks to your system and you can lock and unlock your door using your smartphone from anywhere. You can let someone into your home no matter where your are. When you arm your security system your system will automatically lock the door if they are unlocked.

Lights. When you add lighting control to your system you can program your lights to go on and off based on rules you set up or remotely control your lights from your smart phone. Proper lighting is an essential element to better home security.

Thermostat. When you add a programmable thermostat to your system you are able to reduce energy consumption thereby saving money. In the event of a fire, your smart thermostat will shut down the HVAC system preventing smoke from spreading throughout your home.

Garage Door. When you arm your security in the stay or away mode, your system will automatically close the garage door if it is left open. When you return home you can automatically open your garage door and disarm your security system.

All of these home security and automation features are included in today’s home security control platforms. Before you buy your new system, make sure you are getting the most up to date technology and you choose a security provider with great customer reviews with a track record of providing a high level of outstanding customer service.