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Home Security and The Need for Multiple Layers of Protection

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Secure your home with multiple layers of protection

Think of a home alarm system providing 3 lines of defense (home security).

Outside your home

Strategically place visible yard signs and decals on your doors and windows alerting would be criminals that your home has a monitored security system. This is your first line of defense.

Points of entry

All potential points of entry to your home (doors & windows) should be secured and monitored. Glassbreak sensors are also part of “points of entry” because this sensor is tripped by the sound of breaking glass meaning the criminal is still outside your home. This is your second line of defense (home security). If you are home, you want to be notified when someone is attempting to get into your home. Most homes have more doors and windows than most security companies offer in their base package. This means adding on more devices that drives your cost up. Research for home alarm systems that include several door and window sensors.

Interior Protection

Back-up interior traps should be installed using motion detectors. or glass break sensors. This is your third line of defense (home security). Your standard home alarm system should include at least one motion detector or glass break sensors if you have pets or other lifestyle special needs.

Critical life safety protection

Search for alarm systems with 1 monitored smoke detector connected to your security system. These smoke detectors are always on, always monitored, even if you are away, sleeping, or unconscious.

Additionally, alarm systems should includes 1 remote control and panic button. This mobile device can be used as a panic button in case of an emergency or you can remotely turn your system on and off.

24/7 Wireless and cellular monitoring

Using wireless cellular technology provides electronic security that is virtually impossible to defeat. There are no wires to cut and no way to bypass vital communication between your security system and the monitoring center.