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Home Security and The Need for Multiple Layers of Protection

Secure your home with multiple layers of protection Think of a home alarm system providing 3 lines of defense (home security). Outside your home Strategically place visible yard signs and decals on your doors and windows alerting would be criminals that your home has a monitored security system. This is your first line of defense. […]

Installing A Home Security System Is A Smart Decision. Make Sure You Are Also A “Smart Consumer”

The majority of home security system companies and their employees are reputable professionals, however, as you can see by the number of complaints filed, not everyone plays by the rules

Securing All Accessible Openings

The definition of “accessible” is any door or window that can be kicked in or pried open from ground level. This can include basement doors and windows and first floor doors and windows that can be reached easily from the ground

How to Replace the Main Battery in a 2Gig Home Alarm System

What Makes A Great Home Security System

Make sure your security system includes multiple layers of security: What you see from the street or outside your home. The perimeter of your home: openings, doors and windows. Interior protection: devices to detect movement. Life Safety protection: smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Remote panic buttons: medical or life threatening emergencies.

How to Decide What Home Security System is Right for You

Home security is a very personal matter, and the right system for you will be based on several factors unique to you and your home.

2012 Arvada Night Out

Reliable Home Security at Arvada’s police/community partnership designed to help build safer neighborhoods and communities.

Clever Advertising May Get your Attention, But Do Your Homework

Make sure you select a company that has been recognized as providing fast, reliable security monitoring year after year. Spending the most on advertising does not guarantee value, real protection or fast emergency response time.

Understanding home security systems value, cost and the competition

There has never been a better time to install a home security system. Advancement in home security system technology has produced feature rich systems, while driving the cost down. Shop around, compare and save.

What to include in your home security system

The best approach is to secure and protect all possible points of entry into your home. All doors, of course, and those windows that can be reasonably accessed from the outside.